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About Project B

If you read my blog, or at least the first entry, you’d know about my plans I made while sitting around waiting to heal and for my doctors to tell me I can go home. This page is to chronicle my Project B, which is to install a Home Security Camera System in my place of residence. Of course, you can hunt through my blog and find them all, but I am going to chronicle them all in this hopefully easy to navigate list of links.

List of Project B Blog Posts:

  1. Project B – Part 1 – The Software Choice
  2. Project B – Part 2 – Xeoma Initial Overview
  3. Project B – Part 3 – The Hardware and Cost of the System
  4. Project B – Part 4-A – The Addition of an ON/OFF Toggle Switch
  5. Project B – Part 4-B – The Addition of an ON/OFF Toggle Switch (How-To)