A bit about me while I start this blog. First of all, I’m not the most eloquent of writers so if you are expecting some spectacular writings that rival the likes of Shakespeare and Hemingway, then you are looking at the wrong blog. I’m not the best with grammar or spelling sometimes as well, so if you don’t like that, well then you really should be looking elsewhere among the millions of other blogs out there. But if you are here and are enjoying this blog, then thank you for your time.

Anyways, I’m a father of two wonderful boys and no there most likely will not be a third, even though my wonderful wife would love to have a daughter. With my luck if we did try for a third, it’ll probably be a boy or twins. Beyond that, we live in Orange County, California and no by no means are we some rich snobby family. Orange County is not full of those kind of people…ok maybe if you go more towards the southern part of the county in the likes of Newport Beach, Laguna and such. But North Orange County is where we live.

Currently, I work as a retail supervisor at a lovely chain pharmacy. Those who know me, know where, but well I really do not care to share everything about my life with complete strangers on the internet. Well some of you, might not exactly be complete strangers, but you get the gist of things. Though, I am currently out on disability after receiving a much needed kidney transplant, well my second on anyways. I would really love to thank all of you out there that have opted to be an organ donor. I would especially love to thank the donor of my kidney and their family. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to continue unabated without the needed treatments I used to receive. If you would like to become a donor, please do so as you can save someone’s life after you go. You can goto https://www.donatelife.net/ for more information or in most states, you can do so at your local DMV office or whatever your state calls their office that hands out id cards and driver’s licenses.

Of course, the down side of being off of work has led to a lot of free time which of course lead me to writing this blog. Hopefully I can continue it as I return to work. But this time off has given me a lot of little side projects to do around the house and in my life. Free time can definitely be a godsend or a curse. Of course, being stuck in San Diego for a month definitely didn’t help either which lead to me coming back to a house with about 30 Amazon packages waiting for me. Mainly for two different projects. Project A was cooking as I purchase a wonderful stove top pressure cooker. (Magefesa Practika Plus Stainless Steel 8 Quart Super Fast Pressure Cooker) Project B was to set up a home security camera system. Project C is to have a garage sale. All three will probably have their own blog entries at some point in time.